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    Base Griefed after temp. ban

    I have been griefed after when i got on after ban.
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    User Complaint: Samsung

    In-Game Name: Intr3cpetion Complaint is on: Samsung Reason for complaint: I know that this is probably going to make me look like a snitch, but Samsung somehow found my base and went invisible and started moving all of the things around my base around, I also had another friend that was in...
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    banned, and needs apepealed.

    banned, and needs apepealed.
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    Ban/Mute Appeal: Intr3cpetion

    In-Game Name: Intr3cpetion Previous In-Game Name (If changed since Ban/Mute): Reason for Ban/Mute: Autoclicking Rule Broken and Explanation: Auto clicking is a type of auto farm that is against the rules. I had asked if it was a bannable thing. Later to find out, that someone had...