/Lands Plugin Basic Commands Guide


Jan 13, 2021
Aetheris /lands Basic Commands Guide

A lot of people seemed to be confused with our /lands plugin. And they’re not too sure about some of it’s features, or they want to learn more about the plugin. Well, say no more! This guide will go over the most common /lands commands, and what they’re used for.

/lands create <name>
  • This is the basic command that allows you to create your land. When you type this command, it will claim the chunk that you’re in. A chunk is 16x16, this includes all land below you, and the world height limit.
*hint*: To show your chunk borders, on your keyboard press F3+G, or Fn+F3+G.

/lands claim
  • This is the command you use if you want to claim more land. You can only claim land that’s connected to the original chunk (the chunk you used for /lands create). To claim a chunk, you need to have money in the lands bank. The more claims a land has, the more money it costs. So the owner of the land needs to ensure that there is enough money in the bank.

/lands deposit <land> <amount>
  • This is the command you use to deposit money into the lands bank. This is how the land earns more claims and the ability to set the spawn of the land.

/lands chat <land> <message>
  • Did you know you can chat with your town in your own chat? By typing the above command, you will be able to chat with your town in the same way that you chat in the general chat! You will see a different prefix when you type, as shown below. You see the name of your land, and the rank of the user, as well. If you wish to speak to the general public, you just type as you would normally, without executing /lands chat.

/lands map
This is the command you use to see a map of your land in your chat. You will see some colored dots such as your potition in your land and the wilderness (unclaimed land).


/lands menu
  • This command opens up a menu. In this menu, the owner of the land will see a bunch of customizable features, such as Statistics, the ability to add/remove roles and the ability to set an Enter message when someone goes into the land. A major part of this feature is the ability to change the Land Settings. These settings allow the owner to change how the land functions, such as allowing animals to spawn, fire spread, and leaf decay.

/lands trust <player>
  • This is the command you use to trust a player to a land. Only the owner and trusted “roles” in your land are able to trust people to your land. If you cannot trust someone to your land, you may request the owner, or someone else in your land to trust them for you.

/lands spawn
  • As it sounds, this is the command you use to teleport back to your land. Alternatively, you may do /lands claims <land name> to open up a GUI (menu) with the lands claims. You can click on one of these claims (chunks) to teleport to it.

/lands view
  • If /lands map is confusing, you can also use this command, to display green particle effects around your land. A reminder that the claimed land goes above and below you, as well.

Other Information:

  • This server allows you to earn FREE claim chunks! These chunks can be awarded to you by using /vote! Alternatively, some people may sell these chunks on the auction house, /ah, for others to buy. In order to use these free chunks, you must hold one in your hand, and click on the ground in the chunk you want to claim (the chunk you are trying to claim, must be connected to another chunk that is already claimed, same as the /lands claim command).

  • You must be a Homeowner rank in order to claim land. If you are not a homeowner, you may still live in a /land that is owned by someone else. They would need to use the following command to add you to their land: /lands trust <username>.

This guide just goes over the basic commands, more or less a “newcomer’s” guide. I may have missed some commands, and you may have more questions. If this is the case, please feel free to comment below, or message myself or any of the Staff on discord, or in-game! Thanks and have fun :)
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