[MUST READ] Applying for Staff

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Aug 29, 2020
To apply for staff, you must follow a clear set of rules:
  • You must not be currently banned or muted.
  • You must be able to answer questions about the server confidently and accurately.
  • You must be familiar with all server rules, and be comfortable explaining them to new users.
  • You must be comfortable with asking for help when needed.
  • You must fill out the format below.
In-Game Name: This is your Minecraft Username.
When do you usually play?
For example: Evenings on Weekdays, and Midday to Late Evenings on Weekends

Why do you feel you would be a good staff member?

How have you been helping the community of Aetheris?

What are your goals as a staff member?

What do you believe may make you an unsuitable candidate?

Do you believe yourself to be a risk taker?

Do you have previous experience being a moderator on Minecraft?

A new user logs in and begins spamming questions about the server. What would you do?

A new user logs in and claims to know the Owners from a previous server and asks for free ranks. What do you tell them?

A Citizen is having trouble claiming land, they say they have the money need, and are standing in an unclaimed area, yet /land create is not working. How would you help them?

Two new users have just joined the server, and seem unable to find each other. They are panicked, and seem to be ignoring any user's message besides their own. How would you help them?

A user PMs you asking for help; another user is harassing them in discord voice chat, and constantly shouts over them as they try to talk to their friends who are also in the voice chat. How do you help this user?

Is there anything you would like to add/elaborate on?
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