[MUST READ] Server Rules

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Aug 29, 2020
Server Rules

Be respectful.

The last thing we want on this server is for it to become a breeding ground for hate. Harassing, bullying, name calling, attempting to/succeeding to kill someone in a Non-PVP area, and trolling is not allowed. Lava Casting anywhere but your own land counts as trolling. Extreme trolls will be permabanned.

Keep everything family friendly.
At the end of the day, Minecraft is a game targeted towards children. Do not build offensive structures nor curse needlessly in chat. Posting of adult content or other inappropriate/unsettling content will result in an immediate permanent mute or ban. Racism of any kind will also not be tolerated.

Do not spam.
No one can see what they need to if you spam. Spamming includes repeating a message more than three times in the span of five minutes, repeating a character in a message for more than one chat line, or sending a message that is longer than 4 chat lines with no purpose.

Hacking or Cheating in any way is prohibited.
We all know hacked clients are out there. We don't want them here. Persons caught cheating will be banned, and should they want to come back, their account will be wiped, including but not limited to: deletion of ranks, prestiges, balance, experience levels, and mcMMO levels. Should they cheat again? They will not be welcomed back onto our server. Any form of automation falls under cheating. This includes afk farms, auto fishing, auto clickers (including leaving an object on the mouse to click for you)

Advertising is not allowed.
Starting a server is hard, we know. There are places you can advertise, however, this server (including the forums and discord server) is not the place. Advertising will result in an immediate ban.

Do not debate staff members on the rules.
Nothing is worse than thinking you know better than the staff, and trying to convince others of the same. If you feel a staff member has broken the rules, has followed them wrongly, or punished someone incorrectly, you must bring it privately to the staff member whom you believe is in the wrong, or an Admin+.

Do not grief.
This server has towns, and those towns are protected. Breaking anything you are not allowed to will result in a ban depending on how severe the damage is. You may be allowed to return. You may not.

Do not scam, nor try to.
There are many ways of making money on this server. Providing services to others is one way. Falsely advertising services, or trying to get out of an agreement to do a service without compensating the person losing out on the service counts as scamming. This will result in a ban. Tool loaning is extremely discouraged, and if you lose a tool through tool loaning, as there is no way to prove who owns it, you will not be reimbursed, nor will the other party be banned.

Do not trade real-world items for in-game items.
Purchasing any in-game items for real-world money, or buying Minecraft accounts for in-game money is strictly prohibited. The only transaction allowed is the purchase of features for AD through our shop, at a rate agreed upon by both parties.

Overall, use common sense.
Think to yourself “Hmmm, will this be annoying to other players?” If the answer is yes, don’t do it.

Discord Rules

Follow all server rules.

Just because the discord is not the server doesn't mean the rules don't apply, be respectful, keep things family friendly, no advertising, don't question staff, don't scam, and don't trade real-world items for in-game items.

Be safe!
Do not give out your personal info! This includes, but is not limited to: your name, your address, your age, your date of birth, or any pictures of you. We are not responsible for what happens outside of our server, but please help keep our server be the safest it can be.
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